There’s a new breed of revenue stream for restaurants and businesses going around, one that empowers traditional brick-and-mortar operators while benefiting consumers.


Powered by Technology, Passion, And The Quest For Customer Satisfaction

Launch a new product menu in 3 weeks

It’s that easy! No need to build out a new restaurant, open a new store, come up with start-up money, hire new chefs, pay for wasted space or give up your personal life.

No Risk - A First Time In History

Never in history have you had the opportunity to open a restaurant or expand your store’s offering without the need for significant amount of money, time, energy, and emotional stress. It can’t get any simpler than this.

Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Maximize the return on your investment: Same kitchen, same ingredients, same staff, double the sales.

Serve A Wider Audience

Diversify your income streams by offering a unique menu or additional product selections. Streamlining the process, all of this can be managed conveniently from a single tablet.


You will be provided with a single tablet that connects to all major delivery platforms, eliminating the need to juggle multiple screens when fulfilling orders.

In addition, you will receive a meticulously crafted menu, thoroughly tested and developed by an executive chef in collaboration with our research and development department.

Branding holds significance, which is why we have taken the initiative to customize the packaging to be contemporary, visually appealing, and designed to ensure the safe transportation of food.

Your primary focus should be on what you excel at, while we handle the rest.


You currently possess the land, infrastructure, a team of chefs, and a drive to expand your business further.


We possess the technology, platform, and established relationships that allow us to acquire advertising at a lower cost, thanks to our purchasing power in bulk.


We have the technology that empowers you to streamline your order fulfillment process through a single portal, eliminating the need for multiple tablets. From one centralized location, you can conveniently view all your sales, track revenue, and generate reports.


The one-stop shop, for your business growth

Experience the convenience of running your entire restaurant or store from a single tablet. Effortlessly synchronize all of your orders in one centralized platform, efficiently manage multiple brands, and gain valuable insights and metrics to enhance your business operations. Simplify your operations and unlock new possibilities with our comprehensive tablet solution.